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CoHabit thanks these generous Supporters:
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Richardson Wealth
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Emily with mom Paula
Emily with mom Paula
A perspective from a potential CoHabit “Neighbour” ...
It’s a well-known stereotype that people with disabilities have isolating lives from traditional society; however, to actually live with a disability as I do, “isolating” isn’t the word I would explain to people of how it feels to live with a disability or care for someone with a disability. The term is “stuck in a frozen space” where you keep growing older without actually moving forward with your life. As a person with a disability, you see your friends or siblings getting jobs and buying houses and knowing their future in the world; on the other side of the coin, our parents and caregivers are frozen in time, too, because they can’t afford to live their lives without always having to worry about us like we are still children needing them to protect us. Well, I don’t want my mom and loved ones to worry about what will happen to me if tragically they can’t care for me anymore or even if they want to go on vacation for six months. Truthfully, without CoHabit, I don’t see a future for myself, but with CoHabit, I could say that I wouldn’t be “frozen in time” looking at people going past me. I would be rolling beside them, just living my life.
Derek with brother Trent
Derek with brother Trent
Hello everyone. We are the McLennan Family. Keith, Sandy and our 2 sons, Derek, 31 and Trent, 27. Derek was born with Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheelchair and needs assistance with most basic functions as well as 24/7 care. He is a popular man and our large circle of family and friends has helped us make his first 31 years as good as possible. As Sandy and I move well into our 60’s many of those issues become greater and become much harder for us to accomplish. CoHabit is a future dream that would put Derek into a group setting with 24/7 care and many functions and friends that would benefit everyone for many years to come. This is long overdue for disabled adults in our province. We need to have this come to fruition so we can relieve many years of stress and anxiety worrying about our son Derek’s future.
— Keith & Sandy McLennan
CoHabit thanks these generous Supporters:
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Richardson Wealth
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2022 Pin Flags in memory of Miriam Bergen (1956 - 2022)
BrainCore Winnipeg
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Maxim Truck & Trailer
Pratts Wholesale Food Service & Harry's Fine Foods
The Keg
Enabling Access
Tacium Vincent & Associates
Nicolas with mom Jennifer
Nicolas with mom Jennifer
As a mom to a special needs 18 year old boy the question that I think of daily is, what’s next? What does the future hold for my boy? Who’s going to care for him once I’m gone? These are tough questions that weigh heavily on all parents of special needs.
As Nicholas is growing into a man it is becoming increasingly challenging to care for him on a daily basis. I know that I can’t do this forever. It’s exhausting! And he honestly doesn’t want mom around all the time either.
All parents want their kids to become independent, healthy adults and have the opportunities to create the best life possible!
This is where CoHabit comes in!
We desperately need this facility here in our city! It will allow our kids to continue to grow and thrive and be given all of the opportunities to become as independent as possible!
The intense therapy that Nicholas has had over the years has made such a huge impact on his quality of life and I truly believe that with a facility like this it will carry on with him into his adult life.
The level of care and support that CoHabit will provide will ensure they are able to live their best life!
Will with dad Joe
Will with dad Joe
My guardian angel has a plan...his name is Will and I’m his dad, Joe.
So Will’s plan is to always be at his full potential for his entire life. Even after his dad is gone...He’s a fun loving, very sociable guy, always charming the ladies and never has a dull moment.
We’re saying hello to you all because you may be helping him carry out that plan to maintain his full potential by living in a caring, loving and respectful home. He’s 22 in September, time is rolling on and he’s looking for that place to live “just like home”.
When the time comes when dad is unable to care for him CoHabit is the answer to both of our hopes and aspirations for those “later” years...when even dad may need a home.
Thanks for your attention. — Joe and Will
CoHabit thanks these generous Supporters:
2021 Sponsors
Richardson Wealth
Maple Leaf Construction
The Keg
Maxim Truck & Trailer
Sigurdson Financial Group
Tacium Vincent & Associates
Cameron with mom Cindy
Cameron with mom Cindy
When your child is disabled and is not able to care for himself, we need to know that there are options for him to live in an accessible, supportive, and socially appropriate environment to feel safe, cared for, happy, and like he belongs, so he can fully participate in his life alongside his peers!
As my husband and I age, caring for our son who has a significant physical disability, on a daily basis, becomes more difficult. We are slowly wearing out and have less energy after a day of caring for his physical needs, to also give him opportunities to participate in an active life, to his best ability. We are concerned about the care for the well-being of our son in adulthood, and what would happen to him if suddenly, we can’t be there for him. We all want what is best for our children, regardless of age or capability.” — Cindy
Megan with mom Paula
Megan with mom Paula
“My daughter and I need better support, better funding, and a place for her to call her own; a place where she can shine like the bright star that she is.
Being told that the only option for my daughter, who has a significant disability, to move out of our home would be to put her in an assisted living senior complex, was devastating. When she turned 18 and transitioned to “adult services” it was like a slap in the face as we found out that she didn’t qualify for any support programs other than Employment Insurance Assistance, which doesn’t even cover her basic needs.
As a single parent, I have to take 100% of the responsibilities for my daughter’s care and well-being. I have medical issues and have a disability of my own that grows worse each year and now inhibits my ability to care for my daughter. I’m scared for her future and worry about what will happen as I age, get sicker or die.
I think about where she will live that would a be safe, secure and positive environment. Stuck living at home with her mother is slowly ripping the joy from her life as she watches her siblings and friends move forward to engage the world and its many opportunities, albeit opportunities that don’t include her. My stress level is maxed out, my sleep suffers, my heart aches. I don’t have enough time in the day to work, care for my daughter, take care of my home, or take care of myself so that I will be a positive person in society." — Paula
Richardson Wealth
Richardson Wealth’s commitment to community initiatives is essential to who we are as a firm, and what we stand for. This commitment is reflected in our principles, which define our business. That is why we are so proud to help community members who are disabled by supporting this important housing project – the first of its kind in Winnipeg. We know CoHabit will provide many of the critical elements needed by disabled adults to live a meaningful life.
Bruce Bennett
Michelle Bradet-Simpson
Lou Caci
Ted Evans
Jason MacDonald
Kim McCartney
John Nelson
Maple Leaf Construction
Maple Leaf Construction is proud to support the CoHabit communal housing project for adults with physical disabilities. We believe these individuals deserve to live together in a supportive environment which fulfills their social, emotional and physical needs.
Maxim Truck & Trailer
Maxim Truck & Trailer is proud to be a sponsor of this wonderful endeavour that will give the physically disabled population a home to call their own.
Tacium Vincent & Associates
Tacium Vincent & Associates is a boutique law firm located in the heart of St. Boniface/St. Vital. The firm was originally created in 1988 (Tacium Vincent Orlikow) by David Vincent and Ken Tacium, long time friends who focused on providing client oriented legal services. The original location was in St. Vital and it was paramount to the founding partners that the community was served and they were happy to help in any way they could. Our goal has always been to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their experience and we continue to be committed to providing quality service and reliable advice in the community.
We are very excited about the “HOME” Project and are happy to be a part of helping the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba make this a reality.
– David Vincent, Owner, Tacium Vincent & Associates
Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery
Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery is honoured to be part of such an amazing group focused on creating a better life and home for those with a physical disability.
– Kris Kopansky, Brazen Hall
Freedom Concepts
Freedom Concepts Inc. is proud to support the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba in creating an inclusive living environment for adults of all abilities.
G.J. Andrews Food & Wine Shoppe
Home is where everybody needs to be and G.J. Andrews Food & Wine Shoppe is proud to help guarantee a home for those who will some day have to move from one to another. This will assure them a place where they can feel safe and cared for as life moves on.
Lacoste Garden Centre
Lacoste Garden Centre is pleased to support such a worthy cause for those affected by Cerebral Palsy. Having a place to call Home is important and we’re happy to be part of this admirable cause.
– Randy Hiebert and Jordan Hiebert, Lacoste Garden Centre
Payworks thanks the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba for their commitment to upholding dignity and inclusion and for creating a safe, welcoming place to call home.
– Barb Gamey, Founder, Payworks
Volvo Winnipeg
Volvo Winnipeg is a proud sponsor of the vital work carried out by the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba.
– Matt Sarmatiuk, General Manager, Volvo Winnipeg
The Braincore Inc. Team are dedicated in providing cutting edge technology in the pursuit of optimizing one’s capacity to live a full and joyful life. We are proud to support and will continue to support a project which recognizes that all in our community have this right to live a life filled with Joy, Respect, and sense of belonging.
– Daniel Therrien BA, BCIA
Wilson Sports
Wilson Sports is honoured to be a sponsor of the Un-Gathering Golf Tournament for the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba. We can’t wait for the doors to open on this wonderful project.
– Greg Macaulay
Lee Meagher
Having recently learned that there are limited housing options available to adults with physical disabilities who want to live independently of their family members, I am happy to get behind this project. Supporting this project will help to bring about change – giving hope and dignity to this population.
Lee Meagher, Founder, Scootaround Inc.
Sigurdson Financial Group
Sigurdson Financial Group and I are proud to sponsor this inspiring project that will benefit the physically disabled in our province.”
– Pam Sigurdson, Sigurdson Financial Group
R.S. Express
R.S. Express congratulates and supports the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba with their efforts in building a “HOME”, which will allow the physically disabled to experience independent living.”
– Rene Saurette, President, R.S. Express
We are happy to be part of a project that will develop a real community feel for the residents, while providing them a safe environment to live independently in.
– Ken Aird, Vice President Commercial Sales – Prairie Region, Arthur J. Gallagher
Luxe Furniture Company
Luxe Furniture Company is proud to support a great initiative to help raise funds for the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba’s CoHabit Housing project. It is because of Manitobans support of our local business that we are able to support these great causes. Thank you for allowing us to be part of it.
– Jenine Topping, Design Consultant, Luxe Furniture Company
Bob Friesen and Marnie Strath
Bob Friesen and Marnie Strath are proud to be able to support this project to help those facing mobility challenges have a place to call their own. Something most of us take for granted. Lend your support to this worthy cause.
Faye Harden-Meech
I am proud to support this very important project which is so necessary to allow independent and meaningful living for those with disabilities. This complex will provide a unique setting that doesn’t exist today…a very worthwhile venture!!
– Faye Harden-Meech
Palmer Badger Chartered Professional Accountants
Palmer Badger Chartered Professional Accountants were honoured to be given the opportunity to support the “Building a Home to Call our Own” project.
– Clive McLennan, Palmer Badger Chartered Professional Accountants
Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and Bar
Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and Bar is honoured to help this important and wonderful project in whatever way possible. Thank you Margy, Shelley and your crew!
– Joe Aiello
Troy Richardson
I am happy to support the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba’s project – to build a home where individuals facing disability challenges can lead a happy and fulfilling life.
– Troy Richardson
Dianne Gray-Wysocki
Dianne Gray-Wysocki is proud to sponsor a Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba event that is going to enhance the lives of those who are physically disabled.
– Dianne Gray-Wysocki
Stephanie Beechinor
This home will mean so much to those who live in it, work in it, and visit their loved ones in it. I am proud and happy to support it!
– Stephanie Beechinor
Thank You
to our Supporters
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To create a home and community where people with physical disabilities will manage their own decision-making and be supported to participate meaningfully in their daily lives.
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