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Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba
CoHabit Housing Initiative
It is with sincere appreciation and gratitude that we thank our visionary supporters who believe in the amazing potential of the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba’s CoHabit housing initiative, and with their generous support, are helping us build a “home” to call our own!
Margy, Shelley and David
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our Visionary Supporters.
CoHabit thanks these generous Supporters:


Andrews, George

Axelrod, Shawn

Balodis, Melinda

BB Girls – Pam Durston, Heather Hannah, Dianne Gray-Wysocki, Esther Kiernan, Joy Johnson, Marcelle Mollot

Beechinor, Stephanie

Bendler, Rick & L

Bennett, Bruce

Betton, Fred

Bieber, Guy & Jody

Biebrich, Janice

Benoit, Brad

Boston Pizza

Bouchard, Laurie

Bradet-Simpson, Michelle

BrainCore Neurofeedback

Brandt Tractor

Braun, Betty

Brown, Dave

Bryk, Doreen

Bueckert, Frieda

Burke, Catherine

Caci, Lou

Cerebral Palsy Association

Chipman, Art

Chipman, Dave

Christie, Dave

City Press

Coady, Bill

Crossley, Jim & Anne

Cunningham, Rob

Dacquisto, Wendy

Darroch, Allison

Davis, Diane

Doerksen, Trudy & Gord

Dueck Builders

Duncan, Robert

Eagle Industrial

Enright Family

Evans, Ted

Fast, Helen

Fischer, Laurie

Fitzpatrick, Blake & Betton, Shelley

Forum Construction (Meagher, Pat)

Freedom Concepts

Friesen, Bob & Strath, Marnie

Gallagher, Arthur J

Gauthier, Gilles

Glen Peters

Haas, Connie

Hamilton, Bruce

Hampton, Lori

Harden-Meech, Faye

Harvey, Doug & Shute, Jan

Hayes, Ray

Heimbecker, John

Hiebert, Dr. Tim

Hiebert, Randy

Hill Sokalski Walsh

Hinam, Rick & Mary

Hopkins, Elizabeth

Hryshchuk, Brenda

Hy’s Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar

Janzen, George

Johnston Group

Johnston, Dave

Kane, Roger & Kerry

Kerr, Sonora

Kita, Mary Ann

Kostick, Gord

Krebs, Eldon

Kron, David

Krykewich, Michael

Kuffel, Rick

Kuhley, Valerie

Kutcher, Debra

Lacoste Garden Centre

Lagace, Larry & Donna

Lage, Heidi

Lage, Joyce & Ed

Lambeth, Cal

Lee, Joanne

Leopp, Karl

Lewis, Dave

Lewis, Rick

Lichacz, Lorraine

Lindhorst, Joe

Locken, Pat

Locken, Randie

Loewen, Vera

Macaulay, Cheryl & Ruuskanen, Sherry

Macaulay, Greg

MacDonald, Glenda

Macri, Norma

Maple Leaf Construction

Martin, Ken

Maxim Truck & Trailer

McArthur, Kelly

McCartney, Kim & Val

McLennan, Sandy & Mac

McDonald, Jason

Meagher, Lee

Medallion Milk

Miles, Benji

MMP Architects

Morgan, Margaret

Nelson, John & Margy

Nelson, Sean & Kara

Neudorf, Herta

Nylen, Jim & Benita

One Insurance – Selkirk, MB

Palmer Badger – McLennan, Clive

Parenty, JP and Smith, Michelle

Parrish, Theresa & Bill

Paulic, Peter


Phillips, Candice

Phillips, Jim

Powell, Ken

Prairie Chiropractic

Pratts Wholesale Food Service

Redekop, Louise

Richardson, Troy

Richardson Wealth

Riddell, Norva

River Park Flooring

Rizok, Margaret

Rogers Communications

Rossow, Curtis

RS Express

Ruban, Jeremy

Schollenberg, Christine & Wes

Shabaga, Tamara

Sigurdson Financial – George & Pam Sigurdson

Smith, Jennifer – Royal LePage Dynamic

Smith, Ruth

Sokalski, Bob

Soloway, Gloria

Stark, Trevor

Steadman, Janice

Stevens, Matt

Stewart, Kevin

Stobart, Susan

Stromberg, Jari

Swistun, Sheree & Dave

Tacium Vincent & Associates – Dave Vincent

Tallieau, Roger & Georgia

Tanchuk, Todd

The Keg

Therrien, Dr. Dan

Thomas, Faith

Trask, Lesley

Turczak, Curtis

Van, Kevin

Vidir Solutions

Volvo Winnipeg

Wall, Catherine

Warkentin, Dave & Irene

Warkentin, Vic & Judy

Williams, Linda

Winn$tock Legacy Trust Fund

Wittmier, Eldon

Wowryk, Val

Zeglinski, Aiden

CoHabit thanks these generous In-Kind Supporters:

Alcom Electronics

Brazen Hall

Bridges Golf & Country Club

Callia Flowers

Capital K Distillery

CaterRoyal – Chef Joseph Lindhorst

CJ Agencies

DM Creations – Donna McLennan

Elite Communications

Empire Spice Mills

Fairmont Hotel

Fischer, Laurie

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar – Joe Aiello

George Sigurdson

GJ Andrews

Glendale Golf & Country Club

Jones & Company

Lake of the Woods Brewing Company

Lemon Hart Rum

Luxe Furniture Company

Maplewood Golf Club

Peller Estates


South Winnipeg Eye Centre

St-Leon Gardens

TC Energy

The Nob

Velvet Glove

Wilson Golf

Winnipeg Jets

Your Best Shot – Anthony Fernando

CoHabit thanks these generous Supporters:
2023 Sponsors
Richardson Wealth
The Keg
Johnston Group
Maple Leaf Construction Ltd.
Medallion Milk Co.
Louise Redekop & Ruth Bauer
Maxim Truck & Trailer
MMP Architects
Pratts Wholesale Food Service
Tacium, Vincent & Associates
City Press Ltd.
Enabling Access Inc.
Sigurdson Financial Group Inc.
Volvo Cars Winnipeg
Colliers Project Leaders
Frankie’s Italian Kitchen
CoHabit thanks these generous Supporters:
2022 Sponsors
Richardson Wealth
Maple Leaf Construction
Medallion Milk
2022 Pin Flags in memory of Miriam Bergen (1956 - 2022)
BrainCore Winnipeg
Sigurdson Financial Group
Volvo Winnipeg
Maxim Truck & Trailer
Pratts Wholesale Food Service & Harry's Fine Foods
The Keg
Enabling Access
Tacium Vincent & Associates
CoHabit thanks these generous Supporters:
2021 Sponsors
Richardson Wealth
Maple Leaf Construction
The Keg
Maxim Truck & Trailer
Sigurdson Financial Group
Tacium Vincent & Associates
Richardson Wealth
Richardson Wealth’s commitment to community initiatives is essential to who we are as a firm, and what we stand for. This commitment is reflected in our principles, which define our business. That is why we are so proud to help community members who are disabled by supporting this important housing project – the first of its kind in Winnipeg. We know CoHabit will provide many of the critical elements needed by disabled adults to live a meaningful life.
Bruce Bennett
Michelle Bradet-Simpson
Lou Caci
Ted Evans
Jason MacDonald
Kim McCartney
John Nelson
Maple Leaf Construction
Maple Leaf Construction is proud to support the CoHabit communal housing project for adults with physical disabilities. We believe these individuals deserve to live together in a supportive environment which fulfills their social, emotional and physical needs.
Maxim Truck & Trailer
Maxim Truck & Trailer is proud to be a sponsor of this wonderful endeavour that will give the physically disabled population a home to call their own.
Tacium Vincent & Associates
Tacium Vincent & Associates is a boutique law firm located in the heart of St. Boniface/St. Vital. The firm was originally created in 1988 (Tacium Vincent Orlikow) by David Vincent and Ken Tacium, long time friends who focused on providing client oriented legal services. The original location was in St. Vital and it was paramount to the founding partners that the community was served and they were happy to help in any way they could. Our goal has always been to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their experience and we continue to be committed to providing quality service and reliable advice in the community.
We are very excited about the “HOME” Project and are happy to be a part of helping the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba make this a reality.
– David Vincent, Owner, Tacium Vincent & Associates
Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery
Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery is honoured to be part of such an amazing group focused on creating a better life and home for those with a physical disability.
– Kris Kopansky, Brazen Hall
Freedom Concepts
Freedom Concepts Inc. is proud to support the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba in creating an inclusive living environment for adults of all abilities.
G.J. Andrews Food & Wine Shoppe
Home is where everybody needs to be and G.J. Andrews Food & Wine Shoppe is proud to help guarantee a home for those who will some day have to move from one to another. This will assure them a place where they can feel safe and cared for as life moves on.
Lacoste Garden Centre
Lacoste Garden Centre is pleased to support such a worthy cause for those affected by Cerebral Palsy. Having a place to call Home is important and we’re happy to be part of this admirable cause.
– Randy Hiebert and Jordan Hiebert, Lacoste Garden Centre
Payworks thanks the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba for their commitment to upholding dignity and inclusion and for creating a safe, welcoming place to call home.
– Barb Gamey, Founder, Payworks
Volvo Winnipeg
Volvo Winnipeg is a proud sponsor of the vital work carried out by the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba.
– Matt Sarmatiuk, General Manager, Volvo Winnipeg
The Braincore Inc. Team are dedicated in providing cutting edge technology in the pursuit of optimizing one’s capacity to live a full and joyful life. We are proud to support and will continue to support a project which recognizes that all in our community have this right to live a life filled with Joy, Respect, and sense of belonging.
– Daniel Therrien BA, BCIA
Wilson Sports
Wilson Sports is honoured to be a sponsor of the Un-Gathering Golf Tournament for the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba. We can’t wait for the doors to open on this wonderful project.
– Greg Macaulay
Lee Meagher
Having recently learned that there are limited housing options available to adults with physical disabilities who want to live independently of their family members, I am happy to get behind this project. Supporting this project will help to bring about change – giving hope and dignity to this population.
Lee Meagher, Founder, Scootaround Inc.
Sigurdson Financial Group
Sigurdson Financial Group and I are proud to sponsor this inspiring project that will benefit the physically disabled in our province.”
– Pam Sigurdson, Sigurdson Financial Group
R.S. Express
R.S. Express congratulates and supports the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba with their efforts in building a “HOME”, which will allow the physically disabled to experience independent living.”
– Rene Saurette, President, R.S. Express
We are happy to be part of a project that will develop a real community feel for the residents, while providing them a safe environment to live independently in.
– Ken Aird, Vice President Commercial Sales – Prairie Region, Arthur J. Gallagher
Luxe Furniture Company
Luxe Furniture Company is proud to support a great initiative to help raise funds for the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba’s CoHabit Housing project. It is because of Manitobans support of our local business that we are able to support these great causes. Thank you for allowing us to be part of it.
– Jenine Topping, Design Consultant, Luxe Furniture Company
Bob Friesen and Marnie Strath
Bob Friesen and Marnie Strath are proud to be able to support this project to help those facing mobility challenges have a place to call their own. Something most of us take for granted. Lend your support to this worthy cause.
Faye Harden-Meech
I am proud to support this very important project which is so necessary to allow independent and meaningful living for those with disabilities. This complex will provide a unique setting that doesn’t exist today…a very worthwhile venture!!
– Faye Harden-Meech
Palmer Badger Chartered Professional Accountants
Palmer Badger Chartered Professional Accountants were honoured to be given the opportunity to support the “Building a Home to Call our Own” project.
– Clive McLennan, Palmer Badger Chartered Professional Accountants
Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and Bar
Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and Bar is honoured to help this important and wonderful project in whatever way possible. Thank you Margy, Shelley and your crew!
– Joe Aiello
Troy Richardson
I am happy to support the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba’s project – to build a home where individuals facing disability challenges can lead a happy and fulfilling life.
– Troy Richardson
Dianne Gray-Wysocki
Dianne Gray-Wysocki is proud to sponsor a Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba event that is going to enhance the lives of those who are physically disabled.
– Dianne Gray-Wysocki
Stephanie Beechinor
This home will mean so much to those who live in it, work in it, and visit their loved ones in it. I am proud and happy to support it!
– Stephanie Beechinor
Tik Tok
Our Mission
To create a home and community where people with physical disabilities will manage their own decision-making and be supported to participate meaningfully in their daily lives.
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